Established in 1973, the UCF Police Department has grown from a small team of sworn law-enforcement officers to a staff of 70+ officials who have been serving more than 60,000 students, 11,000 employees and thousands of visitors to the UCF campus every year. Their mission is to reduce the amount of crime (and fear of crime) as well as provide safety resources for all people working, studying or visiting UCF.


When the UCF Police Department came to Designzillas, they expressed a need for a platform that offers a one-stop site for real-time notices (extreme weather alerts, recent crime reported nearby, etc.), tips and important information, campus news, activity logs, and more. They also wanted the site to have a new, modern and welcoming design that is well organized for users to easily navigate through.


Our creative team eagerly stepped up to the challenge and produced a custom website that focused on providing the best user experience possible for visitors. Our approach was to focus on making the site clean, cluster-free, easy to navigate and convenient, with easily accessible information about policies, services and ways to contact the department.

Commitment to Excellence through

University Security

It started with a great team of law enforcement officers. What it needed was a great website to demonstrate its services and provide helpful information about on-campus security. It’s safe to say our team took the UCF Police Department’s brand and generated a user-friendly digital platform to help keep students, faculty and visitors safe and informed while at UCF. See the finished product here.

Redesigned UCF police department website

New Design

Old UCF polie dept website

Old Design

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Website design for UCF police

Our designers and developers joined forces to make a modern, well-formatted website that shows off all the department’s services, materials and ways to get in touch—demonstrating their commitment to service, both in person and online.

Web & UI/UX for the Police Department of the

University of Central Florida

At Designzillas, we know how important a great website design can be in getting great leads to your business. But that’s only half the battle. For the UCF Police Department, we knew that developing a more engaging, visually appealing website was an important part of the revamping process, but that creating a better user experience as a whole was just as important in attracting students and faculty to the site.

Once we discussed their pain points, we were able to take their desires from concept to reality. We started by designing a fully customized website in Drupal 7, where we reconstructed the navigation menu, integrated a digital campus map, created login and search bar capabilities, added a resource management tool, and improved the online experience for both the user to view content and the administrator to find and input information.

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