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Your brand deserves continuous growth to maximize your return on investment. Calculate your potential with our ROI calculator! All you need is your:

- Monthly website traffic: "users" in Google Analytics

- Monthly leads: # of contact form submissions, phone calls, etc.

- Monthly new customers: # of closed sales

- Customer lifetime value (CLV): total worth of a single customer

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Monthly Leads

Monthly Sales

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This calculator simulates the potential return on investment that you could achieve by partnering with Designzillas through our Growth-Partnership Solution. Your actual results may vary.

Monthly ROI Forecast Monthly ROI Forecast

Monthly Revenue

  • Average Monthly Revenue _

Monthly Investment

  • Designzillas Services* ( $5,000 / mo )
  • Avg Ad Spend ( $2,500 / mo )
  • HubSpot Marketing Pro ( $800 / mo )

Montly Return

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We Offer Monthly Retainer Services Designed to Drive Continuous Results

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