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The Challenge

HydroMassage, a leading manufacturer of innovative wellness solutions, approached Zillas with a dual challenge: to amplify their B2B lead generation efforts and expand their B2C sales of HydroMassage machines for home use. Facing the need to reach both business owners looking to enhance their amenities and individual consumers seeking the ultimate at-home relaxation experience, HydroMassage recognized the importance of utilizing an experienced digital marketing agency to create a strategic approach to unlock untapped market potential.

The Approach

  • Develop a cutting-edge strategy to attract, educate and convert more customers
  • Design and iterate a custom website that speaks to the luxury experience
  • Build and refine user journeys to maximize B2B and B2C lead generation
Web Users
B2B/B2C Leads
Organic Search Impressions

(2020 vs. 2023)


Harnessing the power of pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM), we implemented a highly targeted advertising campaign for HydroMassage, catering to both their B2B and B2C audiences. Leveraging Google Display Ads, we strategically crafted and launched multiple ad campaigns aimed at capturing the attention of potential customers. A key objective was to re-engage previous site visitors and drive them back to the HydroMassage website to request a quote. By utilizing precise audience targeting and compelling ad creative, we enticed users to revisit the site and take action. Our data-driven approach ensured that every ad placement maximized visibility and generated relevant traffic.

Cost Per Conversion Improvement
Conversion Rate

Social Ads

As part of our comprehensive retargeting campaigns, we strategically deployed a series of social ad campaigns to capture the attention of previous HydroMassage site visitors who showed potential interest in requesting a quote. Simultaneously, we also launched prospecting campaigns aimed at attracting new visitors to the site. Among these efforts, Meta Ads emerged as the unrivaled top performers. These captivating and highly targeted ads played a pivotal role, contributing to approximately 95% of the total paid ad leads. Leveraging the sophisticated targeting capabilities of the Facebook platform, we were able to reach the right audience at the right time, generating exceptional results.

Building WellnessSpace Brands

With the introduction of two innovative solutions, the CryoLounge+ and RelaxSpace Wellness Pods, HydroMassage recognized the need to create a cohesive parent company that could accommodate these new offerings. We took up the challenge to showcase this update online, working closely with the HydroMassage team to bring their vision to life. Our collaborative efforts began with the development of the brand identity for WellnessSpace Brands. Then, we launched a cutting-edge website for WellnessSpace Brands, designed to showcase their comprehensive range of products. With a focus on intuitive navigation and engaging aesthetics, we ensured that the website became a captivating online destination and trusted leader in the wellness industry, both B2C and B2B customers alike.


As part of our comprehensive web launch for HydroMassage, we saw a critical role for search engine optimization (SEO) to play in driving organic traffic and increasing visibility. With this in mind, we meticulously revamped all the site content to ensure it was optimized for search engines while maintaining a compelling and engaging narrative. By implementing strategic keywords, enhancing meta tags and optimizing page structures, we positioned HydroMassage to achieve higher rankings in search results, attracting a larger and more targeted audience.

Organic Traffic YoY

“Working with this team has been so valuable. Everyone works so hard to hit deadlines, even when I throw random projects at them. The team is super creative, always takes direction and the end result never disappoints.”

— Kevin Conaway, President, HydroMassage

Conversion-Rate Optimization

Post-launch, our commitment to HydroMassage extended beyond website development. We embarked on a comprehensive conversion-rate optimization (CRO) strategy, diligently monitoring and identifying potential bottlenecks within the user journey. Through continuous analysis, we fine-tuned the placement and effectiveness of calls to action (CTAs), optimized copy to resonate with the target audience and adjusted layouts for intuitive navigation. By leveraging data-driven insights, we implemented iterative improvements that maximized conversions and enhanced the overall user journey.

Facebook Followers

Organic Social

As part of our efforts in fostering engagement and community growth on LinkedIn and Facebook, the Zillas team developed original social media content for HydroMassage’s accounts on a monthly basis. By crafting compelling copy and custom graphics centered around wellness topics and relevant blogs, we helped position HydroMassage as a trusted resource for relaxation and holistic wellness. Our efforts generated increased brand awareness and nurtured an active and enthusiastic online community, establishing HydroMassage as a go-to destination for wellness insights and solutions.

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