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The Challenge

The Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) is an organization that works to grow the Orlando region by attracting both new businesses and residents. In order to catapult growth in the Orlando region, OEP partnered with Visit Orlando (the official tourism association for the Orlando region) to connect the two through a consistent brand message and recognizable campaign that aligns messaging among leisure visitors, meeting planners, workforce talent and business audiences alike.

But bringing this new partnership to life meant OEP needed to undergo a major shift in its digital presence to come together with Visit Orlando as a cohesive and consistent brand, conveying one united message to visitors and residents alike: Orlando is Unbelievably Real.

The Approach

The ZILLAS team led OEP in partnering with Visit Orlando by delivering a digital reskin of their website that perfectly captured the look and feel of the Unbelievably Real campaign — all while simultaneously continuing their day-to-day marketing efforts.

We successfully completed a full website reskin without causing any disruptions to their live website or users. The transition was seamless, making it easy to launch the new Unbelievably Real branding and messaging sitewide when the time finally came to unveil the new campaign.

Organic Keywords Ranked
Website Traffic
Increase in Lead Conversions

(2020 vs. 2023)

UI/UX Design

OEP’s website redesign zeroed in on one key component: unifying two major brands that represent the Orlando region with joint branding and messaging that can be easily recognized. Considering things like clear conversion paths, functional UX/UI and other critical components that make for a healthy website, the updated design perfectly conveyed the Orlando Economic Partnership and Visit Orlando’s joint campaign for marketing Orlando as an Unbelievably Real region full of opportunity, innovation, community and so much more.

Designzillas helped us consolidate 5 online properties into one seamless website experience. Their attention to detail and creativity is unmatched and we continue to learn from their expertise through our ongoing partnership.

— Laureen Martinez, VP of Marketing and Communications, OEP

SEO Growth

With the success of OEP’s reskin, we knew we still had work to do in order for their shiny new website aesthetics to not only look good, but produce real-life, business-oriented results.

That’s where search engine optimization comes in. For this client, we focused on a handful of optimization tactics such as refreshing metadata, revamping existing pages and producing and executing a customized blog content strategy based on thorough keyword research.

Through these search engine optimizations, we sought to drive organic search traffic to the site, supporting the bigger-picture goal of generating more leads interested in relocating to the Orlando region.

Cost Per Conversion
Conversion Rate

Content Marketing

As part of our content marketing, we nurtured business leads through a quiz funnel that helped users identify if Orlando was a good fit for their business.

The “Is Orlando Right for My Business” quiz funnel features a few quick questions that help businesses inquire deeper on a relocation or expansion into the Orlando region. Our team carefully strategized just the right questions to ask business owners and provided real-life solutions to each challenge they might be facing. For example, perhaps a business struggles with finding talent. The quiz funnel would help the user identify that need and provide a solve for it in the user’s quiz results — prompting them to consider a relocation or expansion into the Orlando region.

The result of this highly-targeted quiz funnel? Increased inquiries of businesses considering Orlando and a greater number of pre-qualified leads that OEP could now nurture into a relocation or expansion.

Sector Lead Generation

We developed a series of pillar pages focusing on different verticals and service offerings. These pillar pages served as comprehensive resources, providing valuable and informative content to prospects. To complement each pillar page, we created a series of blogs offering additional insights, tips and updates. This approach not only provided a wealth of useful information to prospects but also helped to further optimize their website for search engines, driving organic traffic and nurturing leads throughout their buyer’s journey.

Paid Media Featured Campaign

We initiated a series of targeted meta campaigns, strategically tailored to capture the attention of businesses looking to expand or relocate, as well as those interested in becoming OEP investors. Each target audience was then directed to a customized landing page, crafted to convert them from users to qualified leads. Our Facebook ads strategy led to an increase in business site visitors, new investor conversions and renewals totaling more than $400K in revenue for OEP.

Business Site Users
Conversion Rate
B2B Lead Conversions YoY

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