This past week, our ferocious Chief Zilla, Johnny Hughes, got the awesome opportunity to present a session at the Digital Summit 2022 conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Except, there was a catch — he only had 30 minutes to present. So with this opportunity, he knew the perfect topic to cover that would help digital marketers and business leaders learn how to boost their website’s conversions in just 30 minutes. 

If you couldn’t make it to Digital Summit this year, here’s a recap of the key points covered in Johnny’s presentation to help you take your website from average to APEX.

Conversions: The King Metric of Them All

Above all other KPIs, there’s one metric that reigns above all others — conversions. Why? Because conversions are the actions users take online that convert them into a lead or a customer. And while “likes” and “shares” and “impressions” have their place in reporting and data analysis, those metrics won’t directly impact a business’s ROI like conversions will. Conversions are how a company can grow and scale, so they’re an essential metric to focus on.

What Types of Conversions Are There?

Every company has different goals and therefore different needs with their conversions. Maybe it’s “Book a Demo”. Or, “Schedule a Tour”. Or “Purchase a Ticket”. Conversions are the heart and soul of what we’re trying to inspire our users to do when they arrive at our website. They help us to get real customers or generate qualified leads that can be nurtured to eventually become customers as well. All of which impact your sales and bottom line.