80% of your site’s value is contained within 20% of your content.

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Video: Supercharge Your Site’s Content With the 80/20 Rule

Video: Supercharge Your Site’s Content With the 80/20 Rule

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Did you know that 80% of the value your users get from your website comes from 20% of your content?

The problem is that most people try to stuff their websites with as much content and information as possible.

  • More pages
  • More regions
  • More navigation items
  • More, more, more!

But what if I told you that “stuffing more” on your website is actually hurting your performance?

@designzillas Don’t overwhelm your users with too much information! Focusing on the 20% of content that matters most will help you streamline your user experience and communicate your ideas as clearly as possible. #Marketing #DigitalMarketing #ConversionMarketing #WebDesign #ContentMarketing #MarketingTips ♬ Breaking News – Breaking News

When users have to sift through tons of pages and content, it makes it exponentially harder for them to find the 20% that they care about the most. The more content that exists, the more things that are ultimately competing for their attention.

This can lead to decision paralysis, a state when our brain is so overwhelmed with information that we can’t decide what to do next. Which most commonly results in running away and never looking back.

The reality is, LESS is more. 

That’s why we always suggest focusing your time and energy on optimizing the 20% of your website that matters and frankly, eliminating or cutting back on everything else. 

So next time you get asked to “find a place on the website” to promote your CEO’s latest vacation photo or brownie recipe, make sure to ask yourself:

Is this going to contribute to or compete with the 20% of info my customers care about?

Cheers and good luck in making your website a better place for your users!

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