95% of job seekers consider employer brand when applying.

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How Employer Branding Boosts Your Business Brand

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Fast Facts

These statistics prove the importance of employer branding in recruitment to attract and retain the best talents, and improve your business credibility.

What is employer branding, you ask? Understanding employer brand definition is the first step towards developing a great branding strategy. Ideally, an employer brand is your reputation among your employees, job seekers and stakeholders. It is how people perceive you as an employer.

Undoubtedly, your employees and stakeholders’ perception of you impacts how they view your business as a whole. And this determines how they talk about your brand to the outsiders.

Therefore, positive employer branding and recruitment can significantly boost your business brand. Read on for everything you should know about this subject.

Why is Employer Branding Important?

Business branding is all about shaping your customers’ perceptions of your business. But that alone isn’t enough to take your company to the top. It would help if you had strong support from rock-star employees to make that happen.

There is no better way to attract the best talents than by developing a strong employer brand. Just like corporate branding shapes your customers’ perception of your brand, employer branding shapes how potential employees view you.

Boost Your B2B Marketing

Employer branding improves your online reputation, which is everything you need for successful b2b marketing. In this social media era, you can quickly scrutinize your employer brand through online reviews and recommendations.

Candidates consider a brand’s online reputation before applying for a job opening. So, if employees love you, businesses will love you more and will want to work with you.

Note that your employees are more like a mirror of your company. Businesses will consider how you treat your employees to establish your trustworthiness before engaging with you.

Fast Hiring

Fast Hiring

Despite the high unemployment rate (following the pandemic that left millions jobless), some companies are still struggling to fill in their open positions.

Most brands don’t realize that hiring skilled employees takes more than advertising job positions on LinkedIn and other job boards. It would be best to show that your business is a safe and conducive place to work in. Differentiate your brand by marketing unique ways or things that your company offers employees that they can’t find in other companies.

Such extra miles streamline your recruitment efforts. It shows that you value your employees as your workers and as a strong support system.

Reduces Employee Turnover

Building your reputation as a reliable and credible employer can reduce employee turnover by up to 28%. Your reputation determines if skilled talents will choose to work for you or competitors. And keep in mind that your employees directly influence the success of your company.

Hiring the best talent;

  • Ensures best quality services, which is critical for your business brand reputation
  • Enhances credibility, and more people will want to be associated with your brand
  • Maximizes productivity because the workers understand what is expected from the best
  • Skilled and experienced employees are equivalent to more sales

Reduce Employee Turnover

Examples of Employer Branding

While salary is critical in hiring the best talents, other aspects such as work-life balance and work environment are vital considerations for candidates. Here are employer branding examples to inspire you when developing your employer branding strategy.

  • Chipotle
  • Marriott International
  • Netflix
  • Tony’s Chocolonely
  • Petsmart

All these brands have one thing in common; they showcase how they support their employees’ growth. They treat their workers as part of their business and are willing to go that extra mile to make them feel comfortable and appreciated. Working in those companies is a ladder to the next success level.

With such an employer brand, consumers and other businesses will love to do business with you.

Besides increasing potential employees’ trust in your brand, a good employer brand can quickly turn your existing employees into ambassadors. They will only have positive things to talk about your company and, in return, bring you quality leads.

Strategies to Build a Strong Employer Brand

Now that you understand what employer brand entails and its importance, you should consider the most effective strategies to put into action.

Employer Brand Strategy

Employer Brand Proposition Strategy

Employer value proposition highlights what employees stand to gain if they associate with you, and potential candidates love to see it. 

While at this, identify the candidate touchpoints such as professional networks, business websites and social media platforms. Explain your company culture, what differentiates the work environment, and the benefits workers will enjoy for working in your company.

For instance, do they get time off during holidays, do you offer insurance and training? What about salaries and compensation? Do they match up to the services provided by employees? Such are critical points to touch on.

Employees Reviews

The other effective employer branding strategy is to use your employees as your ambassadors. Let them share their experiences working in your company.

This strategy is only effective if you offer satisfactory services to your workers. They will effortlessly market your brand on their social media pages. And considering the reliability of word of mouth, this strategy will boost your B2B marketing.

Similar to customer reviews, ask your employees to share honest online reviews. Some essential aspects they should touch on include;

  • Mentorship and career growth programs
  • Healthy work environment
  • Unwinding and team building programs
  • Holiday leaves and treat days

Employee Reviews

Final Thoughts

Employer branding is the key to a successful business brand. It helps you attract the best talents to put your company on top in terms of production and customer services. Moreover, the strategy boosts your trustworthiness and credibility to other businesses, making them want to do business with you.

For fast and guaranteed results, entrust your employer branding to experts. You can count on us to transform your website and social media to appeal to potential employees and other businesses. Check our site to view digital marketing services and contact us for more information on the same.

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