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Zilla Round Up: 5 SEO Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss

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The Latest in SEO

Search engine optimization is an essential part of any inbound marketing strategy.

Our team stays often stays up to date on the latest in digital marketing by subscribing to some of the best digital marketing blogs from around the web. 

Here are some great SEO insights our team uncovered last week:

SEO Copywriting: 17 Powerful Secrets

SEO Strategy


Copywriting ain’t just about the words you put on the page… it’s about HOW and WHY. In this blog, Brian Dean from Backlinko leads us through some proven tricks on how you can use your copy to up your SEO game to the next level.

The Lazy Writer’s Guide to 30-Minute Keyword Research

SEO Strategy


Research is never the FUN part of your job, but if you do it properly you will reap all of the benefits! This Moz blog by Britney Muller breaks your research up into bite size pieces that you can finish digesting in a mere 30 minutes. Piece of cake!

SEO is Always Changing… Or is it? Debunking the Myth and Getting Back to Basics

SEO Strategy


This blog is also from Moz, this time by Bridget Randolph. While the technology and machines we use change (quite literally) on a daily basis, the theory behind SEO and how it is used is still pretty basic. Randolph breaks it down for us all.

3 Reasons SEO Belongs at the Beginning of a Project, not the End

SEO Strategy


Don’t get your order of operations twisted. Many organizations like to put the cart before the horse when it comes to the SEO of their content, but Nate Dame from Search Engine Land poses the argument of exactly why you should NOT do that. Start with your SEO data, and then build from there.

Building ROI-Focused SEO Strategies: A Framework

SEO Strategy


And finally, one more blog from Search Engine Land. This one should get you seeing dollar signs. Chris Liversidge walks you through exactly how you can start optimizing your SEO in a way that measures out to hard ROI impact.


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