Average marketing won’t cut it in today’s brutally competitive online marketplace.

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What Is Conversion Marketing and Why Do Businesses Need It Now?

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? TLDR: Average marketing is plaguing your business from getting the results you need to grow. See why you need conversion marketing to stand out among the noise and inspire your dream customers to take meaningful actions on your website today.

Picture This:

You’ve run a healthy, successful business in the medical supply manufacturing industry for the past 15 years. But lately, you’ve noticed that your current marketing efforts aren’t producing the same results online anymore. New competitors in your location and across the country are popping up left and right — driving away a market of patients you once served almost exclusively. 

You have a marketing team. 
You have a budget dedicated toward it. 
So what gives?

Sounds like a bad case of “average marketing” — diagnosis: critical. Not to be dramatic, but average marketing can be the leading cause of a steep decline in your business’s overall health and incoming revenue.

But there is good news: there is a cure with proper medication. And that medication’s called conversion marketing. Take your daily dosage and your business’s marketing efforts are bound to go from average to APEX in no time. (No spoonful of sugar needed.)

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What Is Conversion Marketing?

At its core, conversion marketing is a strategic form of marketing that’s focused on inspiring users to take a desired action (or “conversion”) on your website or other online platforms.

Based in science, psychology and research, conversion marketing is also fueled by analytics and user testing. Tools like Google Analytics and Semrush provide data-driven insights that can be used to create a strategy that’s not only built to increase conversions, but your bottom line as well.

The big difference between conversion marketing and traditional digital marketing is that it’s much more targeted and uses more meaningful metrics to maximize ROI. Conversion marketing is intended to convert your most highly qualified, highly valuable users that are already on your website. Most of the time, you don’t need more traffic, you just need to clear the path for the prospects who are already looking to you for solutions to their problems.

Understanding Conversions vs. Sales 

So if conversion marketing is more targeted than traditional digital marketing, then it must drive direct sales, right?

In some cases, yes. For e-commerce businesses, a conversion may equate to a direct sale. But not all conversions are created (or valued) equally. Conversions come in all shapes and sizes and happen when someone on your site takes a meaningful action, which could mean:

  • Making a purchase
  • Requesting a demo
  • Starting a free trial
  • Scheduling a 30-minute call
  • Downloading a free guide
  • Signing up for an email newsletter

While the end goal is ultimately to make a purchase, there may be important steps (conversions) along the way to get there. Nurturing less-qualified leads (who have the potential to be closed customers) is an essential way to reach people at all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Ways to do this effectively can include:

  • Email nurture series (automated)
  • Remarketing 
  • Personalization
  • Highly targeted content
  • Surveys

Does Conversion Marketing Actually Work?

Switching up the traditional ways of digital marketing you’re used to might seem scary. 

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But it can’t be as scary as how rapidly your ROI has been dropping as of late. Let’s dive into why a healthy dose of conversion marketing is how to ensure your business is in tip-top shape for the long haul.

Understanding Where We Are Now

Marketing in a Web 2.0 world (the current state of the internet, highly focused on user-generated content and optimal usability) has shown us the need for a higher level of information sharing and interconnectedness, as that’s what users have come to expect. They expect to actively participate in the experience rather than just acting as passive viewers who take in information. 

Because of this, businesses now have to engage users and take them on a journey through storytelling to get them to relate with any particular brand online.

But when there’s so much content to sift through, this can get exhausting for users.

The Psychology of User Decisions highlights aspects of what goes into the decision-making process and expresses how much energy it can take for a user to make a decision. With so many options to choose from, the overwhelming amount of decisions a user makes in a day can lead to decision fatigue — which often leads to the user giving up entirely. 

Understanding Where We’re Headed

Users need to be nurtured and educated to feel in control about a purchase decision. The evolution of how users are interacting online and what they are expecting from their experiences is essential to effective conversion marketing, and ultimately, business growth. 

Conversion marketing is like Digital Marketing 2.0. By focusing on marketing efforts that are measured by leads, sales and business growth (rather than wide vanity metrics that don’t dig deep enough into what changes should be made), conversion marketing allows businesses to see the bigger picture of what efforts are needed to drive conversions on their sites.

Designzillas’ Conversion Marketing Partnership

At Designzillas, we believe in continuous business growth through our Conversion Marketing Partnership. To put it simply, it’s an evolved version of traditional digital marketing you might be used to seeing. Here’s what makes conversion marketing different for us.

Conversion marketing means:

  • Targeted Funnel KPIs
  • Conversion Specialists
  • Leads, Sales and Growth
  • An Obsession for ROI 

Digital Marketing vs. Conversion Marketing

Phase 1: Creating Your Digital Strategy

For us, it also means a three-step solution. First, it starts with Phase 1: Creating Your Digital Strategy. This is the stage where our tribe of digital experts digs in deep to outline who your target audience is, what your current metrics are and what your business goals are. We turn that information into a Strategy Blueprint deliverable that maps out strategic, measurable and attainable tactics to reach those goals.

Phase 2: Optimizing Your Current Site’s User Experience (UX)

Next, we move into Phase 2: Optimizing Your Current Site’s User Experience (UX). This is an essential to set ourselves up for effective conversion marketing. To inspire prospects to take action on your site — whether that means making a direct purchase, signing up for a free demo or something else — we have to assess your current site to find opportunities to create a better experience for users. This might mean testing out new language on the page, choosing a different color or font size for a button, or it might mean building a new rock-solid foundation for your brand to dominate online.

Phase 3: Conversion Marketing

Finally, we get to Phase 3: Conversion Marketing. No marketing plan should ever be “set it and forget it”, which can happen a lot with other digital marketing plans you’ve seen in the past. With our conversion marketing program, our tactics shift and grow as your business needs do. We look at your goals and create strategic tactics month over month to implement the best, most valuable efforts to convert visitors on your website.

How We Took Spider Mower USA’s ROI to the Top With Conversion Marketing

For many of us, talk isn’t enough. We need to see the proof in the pudding. Or in this case — the mower. 

Spider Mower USA came to us struggling not only to get found online but to convert qualified web leads into sales. With our conversion marketing solution, we were able to increase their web leads by 697% and specifically their SQLs (sales-qualified leads) up by 192%! 

Over the course of those two years (and still today), our team used strategic efforts like leveling up their brand presence online, attract their dream customers to their site and convert those leads into sales to meet and surpass their business goals.

Take Two of These (Resources) and Call Us in the Morning

When it comes to successfully competing in the online marketplace these days, you have to be strategic. You have to evolve.

Conversion marketing can help you get there by honing in on what’s going to move the needle for your business: results. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

So browse these resources today — our Conversion Marketing Solution page or ROI Calculator — for more information about how conversion marketing can help your business grow from “alive and kicking” to thriving and kicking butt!

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