Here are 3 red flags to look out for when hiring your next digital agency so you can avoid getting catfished.

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Video:3 Red Flags To Look for When Hiring a Digital Agency

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Hiring a digital agency can be one of the most exciting yet nerve-wracking experiences for your business.

You know that in order to grow your business to the next level, you’ll need a digital marketing partner that can help propel you there.

But putting your business in the wrong hands can be a devastating blow to your growth and could cost you up to 10 times what you spent with the company.

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So here are 3 red flags you’ll want to be on the lookout for when hiring your next digital agency so you can avoid getting catfished:

  1. Prehistoric Brand Presence: If they’re not keeping up with their own online presence, it might be a stretch to think they’ll keep up with yours.
  2. Overpromising: Be cautious. While agencies can and should follow best practices, we can’t control the internet. But if we could we could charge ZILLLLLLIONs. ?
  3. Rushing Into the Work Without a Proper Plan: Any team that is willing to dive in without going through a strategy first is surely going to hit bumps along the way, wasting your time and money.

So do your homework and keep an eye out for overpromising gimmicks and get yourself a strategic plan so you can hit the ground running!

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