Meet Danielle Irigoyen, our ferocious marketing lead at Designzillas Digital Marketing Agency based in Orlando, FL.

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Zilla Spotlight: Our Marketing Lead, Danielle Irigoyen

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Meet Danielle Irigoyen—our marketing lead, grammar guru and lover of all things chocolate. She has been a Zilla since January 2015, and has customized a wide range of content for clients across multiple industries, including blogs, email campaigns, social media, and more. When she’s not at the DZ headquarters, you can find her on stage performing in local theatre productions all around Orlando.

Danielle Irigoyen

Nickname: Dani

Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Hobbies: theatre, trips to Disney, Netflix binging

Favorite Snack: GUACAMOLE

Pet Peeve: When people say “ATM machine” or “3 a.m. in the morning”, not knowing that the abbreviations already stand for those words. (I’m a writer, I can’t help it!)

Fun Fact: I’m half Venezuelan!

Favorite Aspect of Content Development: Having the privilege to be creative (and work among a team of fiercely creative people) every single day.  

One Topic You Could Write About Forever: I’m a little biased, but it would definitely have to be theatre!

Favorite Inspirational People: Many people inspire me in different ways. My parents inspire me to be the best person I can be. My coworkers inspire me to be a great team player. My interns inspire me to be the best leader possible. The list goes on!

A Typical Day for Danielle at Designzillas: While I certainly am a busy bee most days with writing blogs, posting on social media and participating in internal meetings, there’s always a little time for a good Nerf gun war and playing fetch with Ripley, our Jr. Barketing Specialist at Designzillas.

Favorite Thing to Do on a Work Break: Make a Starbucks run—I’m addicted to chai tea lattes.

Go-To Karaoke Song: “Take Me or Leave Me” from RENT, but only if I coax someone else into doing it with me!

Next Three Bucket-List Places to Visit: England, Ireland and Spain!

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