A major distributor of quality weight-loss teas, Fit Tea offers a range of products that supply nutrition, detoxify and/or assist with burning fat for a variety of body types. Unlike other weight-loss products, Fit Tea earned its success by providing customers with high-end, natural tea blend that is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, U.S.-made, FDA CGMP approved, and independently tested—all while tasting great and helping customers drop weight in a healthy way.


When Fit Tea came to Designzillas, they presented us with a few challenges for us to help them overcome. Despite their large success in sales and developing a strong social presence, the Fit Tea team realized that their previous site focused too heavily on the product itself and not enough on the branding they wanted, which would focus more on the lifestyle and health benefits these products would bring to these customers. They wanted to give the brand a better identity, improve the site’s UX and update the design itself to look more modern. Additionally, they wanted to feature the many clinical trials and lab tests that were conducted, showing that their products were scientifically proven to back their claims.


Keeping both their challenges and goals in mind, our team at Designzillas made a plan to detox from the old site and stir up a brand-new digital presence that would be branded and optimized to a t(ea). With a pre-existing site built in Shopify, we built a better theme so the team would have more control over product templates and features, integrating Shopify apps for better product content. We created the new site to give users a more modern look and feel, showcase their strong pre-existing social presence, highlight the organic ingredients and health benefits, demonstrate their authority through online testimonials, and provide an easy-to-use purchasing system for new and existing customers.

A New Website Design That’s Steeped in


It all started with high-quality weight-loss tea. What lacked that extra touch of sweetness was an intuitive website design and exceptional user experience to caffeinate its online presence. Our team at Designzillas took Fit Tea’s challenges and infused new opportunities for digital success through thoughtful design and strategic UX planning. Are you oolong-ing to see the new Fit Tea website? Visit it here.

Fit Tea website redesign

New Design

Fit Tea home page before redesign

Old Design

Blending smart design with tactical


Fit Tea home page website design
Fit Tea home page website design ingredients
Fit Tea shop page website design
Fit Tea product page website design
Fit Tea product page website design

Our team of digital creatives paired up to produce an easy-to-navigate, well-formatted website that blends modern design with simplistic functionality—ultimately leading to a positive user experience that keeps customers thirsty for more.

Web & UI/UX


At Designzillas, we know that it’s essential to have a killer website design to represent your brand effectively online.

But what we also know is that a new design by itself won’t do the trick. Why? Because when it comes to making online purchases, it’s equally important to keep user experience top of mind in order to attract the right leads and eventually convert them to customers.

With Fit Tea’s previous website built in Shopify, we decided to continue using this platform, but with an enhanced user experience that helps visitors easily purchase products, learn more about their ingredients, find answers to frequently asked questions, see a variety of testimonials, and much more.

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