A Thank You From the Zillas An Intermission, 2020 & Digital Marketing

It’s intermission for 2020. For us, we're used to frequent change in digital marketing, but we’re thankful for one constant: our ferocious partners.

Kat Hughes

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An Intermission, 2020 & Digital Marketing

15 Years Celebrating Some Best-of-Breed Zillas

A tenured team leads to rich agency culture. We’re celebrating some of our best-in-breed Zillas as they hit some big milestones.

Kat Hughes

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Celebrating Some Best-of-Breed Zillas

User Experience UX Marketing Insights Your Entire Team Can Learn From

UX marketing has the potential to supercharge your entire business. To prove it, we've gathered insights your entire team can use.

Danielle Irigoyen

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UX Marketing Insights Your Entire Team Can Learn From

Local Search A Ferocious Guide to Local Search Marketing

Want to climb to the top of Google? You need a local search marketing strategy.

Jessica Warner

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A Ferocious Guide to Local Search Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Best-Kept Secret: Using SEO Data Science to Outrank Competitors

Data science is the secret weapon to SEO. We've outlined how you can use it to outrank your competitors.

Kristen Tally

Blank Google search screen being used for SEO data science


Best-Kept Secret: Using SEO Data Science to Outrank Competitors

Your Step-by-Step Guide How to Add a User to Google Analytics

New to the Analytics world? Not to worry, we've put together a step-by-step guide on how to add a user to Google Analytics.


Close up of the dashboard after a person knows how to add a user to Google Analytics


How to Add a User to Google Analytics

User Experience Mobile-First User Experience Isn’t Optional in 2020

Not getting traction online? It could be your website's design. We're diving into mobile-first user experience and why it matters so much for your digital presence.

Danielle Irigoyen

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Why Mobile-First User Experience Isn’t Optional in 2020

UX in Digital Marketing: It's Not Just for Designers Anymore

Digital marketing and user experience are a match made in heaven. Keep reading to find out where UX fits in with digital marketing.

Gage Harper

two marketers at a whiteboard discussing UX in digital marketing


UX in Digital Marketing: It’s Not Just for Designers Anymore

Local SEO Tips & Tricks: How to Rank for Google Map Pack

In a time when the coronavirus has changed the game, the Google Map Pack has become more important than ever. We'll show you how to get your business to the top.

Tina Fleming

Man holding phone displaying Google Map Pack - Designzillas


Google Map Pack: Learn How to Rank & Stay at the Top

designzillas website SEO tips
Gage Harper

How to Finally Win at the SEO Game

Over the past few years, there have been all kinds of do's and don'ts about SEO. Here are some helpful tips to help you keep up with SEO updates and have a fair shot at winning the SEO game.

web design orlando fl desk decoration
Mr. Zilla

DZ's Diverse Desk Decor

At DZ, we’re a tribe of many hats. With web developers, designers, marketing gurus, sales strategists and more, we have a variety of roles in our agency. See how we show our unique personalities through our ferocious desk decor!

designzillas blog Is Your Sales Team Still Operating in Prehistoric Times?
Kat Hughes

Is Your Sales Team Still Operating in Prehistoric Times?

Is your sales team still operating in prehistoric times? If we’re truly looking to provide solutions, we need to know our prospect's goals, pain points and their vision for future growth. Check out these 5 ferocious ways to step up your sales team skills and become a true sales lion! 

Zilla Spotlight: Leisy Vidal
Mr. Zilla

Zilla Spotlight: Leisy Vidal

This Zilla Spotlight is shining on our incredible double trouble web designer and developer, Leisy Vidal! Our favorite way to showcase our agency’s team is with fun interview questions. Take a peek into Leisy’s skills, hobbies and favorite things! 

4 Ferocious Productivity Tools
Maddie Ditmyer

4 Ferocious Productivity Tools

We’ve got a few digital tricks up our sleeves. Tricks that keep us on task, up to date and inspired as we charge through the work week. We use the following tools to help us get through our to-do lists every day...

checking your website performance
Maddie Ditmyer

How to Check Your Website Performance

If you get a mysterious email about your website performance, how can you fact check your performance? Here are some tools to check website performance and check website speed and some recommendations for improving your website performance.  

How to Effectively Engage With Your Audience Using Social Media
Danielle Irigoyen

How to Effectively Engage With Your Audience Using Social Media

Nowadays, it seems there’s at least a million rules, tips, guidelines, etc. that businesses should follow to have a successful social presence. And while many of these tactics may be useful, the bottom line comes down to being authentic.

GDPR Compliance
Mr. Zilla

GDPR Compliance

With the new EU data regulation known as GDPR coming into full effect on May 25, 2018, it’s important to know how this new responsibility for managing, distributing and providing data to users can affect your business. After this deadline, businesses servicing UK users that do not have GDPR…

user personas content strategy
Maddie Ditmyer

How to Use Personas to Create an Effective Content Strategy

Buyer personas are an essential tool for creating an impactful content strategy. Discover how you can use this tool to benefit your brand and connect with your audience on a deeper level.